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About The Hawks

About Us

The Chicago Hawks are dedicated to the athletic development, personal growth and sportsmanship of youth hockey players in Illinois. We encourage the development of our players as teammates, as well as individuals, teaching them valuable lessons that can be applied long after they leave the rink – leadership, commitment and outstanding character. Our coaches and instructors utilize a variety of cutting-edge on and off-ice training techniques that provide our players with a competitive advantage while maintaining a positive, fun environment.

As one of the largest youth hockey clubs in the state of Illinois, The Hawks Hockey Club is committed to the ongoing development and promotion of competitive youth amateur hockey.

Chicago Hawks Hockey Club strives to:

  • Inspire a lifelong love of hockey
  • Cultivate family, friendships and fun
  • Build strength of character on and off the ice
  • Develop athletes to their greatest potential


“Everything” might mean something different to everyone and that’s okay!

If a player wants to have fun, meet new friends, play a sport they love and be part of a team – we have something for that player. 

And if a player wants to try to reach their highest potential of hockey, then we strive to make that happen too. 

We feel the core values you see here reflect our mission statement and what is truly important to the Chicago Hawks organization. What it means to “Be a Hawk” and “Be a Phantom” is an idea that can be embraced by our leadership, coaches, instructors, players, and families within the organization.

Chicago Hawks Core Values

Commitment – When you make a decision to do something, you stick with it even when the going gets tough.


Fun – Hockey is a fun and exciting game, and playing it should make you feel happy. 


Integrity – When you have integrity, you do the right thing and you’re honest with others. 


Perseverance – Having the courage and determination to keep trying, even when it’s hard work.  


Respect – It is important to show respect for yourself, your teammates, your coaches and your opponents on and off the ice.


Responsibility - When you’re responsible, your coaches and teammates will count on you to do the things you’re supposed to do.


Sportsmanship –  Good sports have a positive attitude, play fair, cheer for their teammates and always shake hands with the other team.


Teamwork –  There is no “I” in team and good teammates work together to make great things happen.