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Chicago Hawks Tentative Fall Coaching Lineup

The Chicago Hawks Hockey Club has added several new coaches for the 2017-2018 season. Lead by Director Steve Poapst, we are looking forward to welcoming these highly qualified individuals to our team. Please take a few minutes to read about our new Hawks team coaches and skills instructors, as well as our Fall Coaching Lineup.


Please remember, the coaching lineup is subject to change.

2009 Team
Head Coach: Kevin Baskel

2010 Team
Head Coach: Luke Gosewich

Mite 3
Head Coach: TBD

Mite 4
Head Coach: TBD

Mite 5
Head Coach: TBD

Mite 6
Head Coach: TBD

Mite 7
Head Coach: TBD

Mite 8
Head Coach: TBD

2007 Team
Head Coach: Steve Climo
Assistant Coach: Ted Gaffney

2008 Team
Head Coach: Eric Daze
Assistant Coach: Rob Newburg

Squirt 3
Head Coach: Eric Frasco

Squirt 4
Head Coach: Grady Hamilton

Squirt 5
Head Coach: Mike Smolen

Squirt 6
Head Coach: Nick Bagby

Squirt 7
Head Coach: Andy Baskel


2005 Team
Head Coach: Bill Holke

2006 Team
Head Coach: Matt Noga

Peewee 3
Head Coach: Tony Rossi

Peewee 4
Head Coach: Kevin Sleezer

Peewee 5
Head Coach: Dan Sleezer

Peewee 6
Head Coach: Joe Kostelc

Peewee 7
Head Coach: Nick Bagby

2003 Birth Year
Head Coach: Ted Gaffney

2004 Team
Associate Coaches: Blake Geoffrion & Ryan Flynn
Assistant Coaches: Tyson Fraser & Kevin McAvoy

Bantam 3
Head Coach: Matt Kaspar
Assistant Coach: Rob Newburg

Bantam 4
Head Coach: Jon Gryzbek

Bantam 5
Head Coach: Mike Smolen
Assistant Coach: Rich Smolen

U15 Team
Head Coach: Steve Poapst
Assistant Coaches: Spencer Anderson & Raul Cepeda

U16 Team
Head Coach: Mark Hughes
Assistant Coaches: Steve Poapst & Tony Daniels

U18 Team
Head Coach: Steve Poapst
Assistant Coaches: Tony Daniels & Spencer Anderson

Girls U12 Team
Head Coach: Chelsea Bilyk
Assistant Coach: Grady Hamilton

Girls U10 Team
Head Coach: Chelsea Bilyk
Assistant Coaches: John Proctor, Brad Myers, Ryan Sullivan & John Hemmesch